Sunday, August 14, 2011

60 People Rally for Jobs & Demand Cravaack Come to Duluth

On August 11 some 60+ people gathered for a protest calling on Congress to do more to create jobs, and specially that northern Minnesota's Congressman, Chip Cravaack, come to Duluth to hear this message. 

Since getting elected Congressman Cravaack has been holding a series of town meetings throughout his district to get input from his constituents. Duluth, which is by far the largest city in his district, has been conspicuously absent from his list of stops.  So, a group of local progressives and trade unionists put together the August 11 rally to serve as a soap box for local people to get up on a soap box and tell Congressman Cravaack what they think he should be doing in Washington.  The whole event was videotaped, and sent to Cravaack's office - sort of  a 'if he won't come here and listen to us, we'll send a video tape of us to him' kind of thing.

The event began at the Duluth Labor Temple, and from there marched to the corner of London Road and 21st Ave. E. where folks held signs, and several speakers got up and stressed the need for Congress to do more to create jobs, and adopt other policies that benefit working people, as opposed to the fat cats on Wall Street.

The event was sponsored by the Northeast Area Labor Council, AFSCME Council 5 and the Twin Ports MOVEon Council.  Organizers went out of their way though to stress that the event was not a pro-Democratic Party event - something that was music to this socialist reporters ears.  While Cravaack is a Republican, and his party has been atrocious regarding issues relating to working people, the same is true of the Democrats.  That's why it is so important for the people to take to the streets with their own demands!

> The article above was written by Adam Ritscher.

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