Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Bring the War Dollars Home!" Campagin Launched

All around the country the anti-war movement has been struggling, and its been no different here in the Twin Ports.  A decade into the fight against Washington's wars, a lot of activists have grown tired, and some have even drifted away.  Yet the wars drag on with more and more lives being wasted, and more and more of our dollars taken from social programs and used to feed the war machine.  As uphill of a battle as it may be, it is crucial that the anti-war movement not give up! 

That was the message heard at the August 14 meeting of the Northland Anti-War Coalition meeting.  After several months of faltering attendance, and even some talk of closing up shop, a large and spirited turnout at this meeting recommitted themselves to building an effective, local antiwar movement!

The group has come up with the rough draft for an exciting, one year long campaign around the theme of "Bring the War Dollars Home".  The campaign will consist of a series of escalating events around that theme that will hopefully culminate in a local ballot referendum in the fall of 2012.

Here is a brief outline of what the campaign will consist, though bear in mind that it's a growing and evolving list.  One thing that was decided is that the group will continue with its weekly "Stand for Peace" pickets that take place Fridays from 5-6pm at the corner of Lake Ave. & Superior St. in downtown Duluth.  Then on Oct. 6, in solidarity with a national action that will be taking place in Washington D.C. on that day, a protest will be held in Duluth.  Shortly afterwards, on Oct. 15, a protest will then be held in Superior.  The Oct. 15 event is being held as part of a national day of local actions called for by the United National Antiwar Committee.  This fall the group will continue with its efforts to get local union locals, community groups and others to sign onto a resolution calling for a redirection of spending from the war to local needs.  The resolution will be promoted at the fall protests, and then taken to the Duluth City Council, where it will be voted on.

After that there is talk of a whole series of events - campus referendums on the war, forums on the lesser known U.S. wars (Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, etc.), you name it - all of which will build up to a grand finale one year later - a local referendum on the war.

It's an ambitious plan, but already committees have been formed, and work has begun.  If you'd like to get on board this exciting campaign, please contact the Northland Anti-War Coalition at

We can and will make a difference!  Join the Northland Anti-War Coaltion!  Lets end these wars and bring all of the troops and war dollars home NOW!

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