Sunday, March 4, 2012

Petitions, Protests Planned to Save Dunbar Home From Foreclosure

As we reported last week Project Save Our Homes has launched a campaign to try and save Chris & Krystal Dunbar's home from being foreclosed upon by U.S. Bank.  With a sheriff sale set for March 27, time is of the essence.  Despite the havoc wreaked by this week's big blizzard, the group has hit the ground running with an online and a physical petition drive.  Both petitions urge U.S. Bank to do the right thing and re-negotiate the Dunbar's mortgage.

Click this link to sign the online petition

Activists are going door to door and attending community events across the Twin Ports to get as many people as possible to sign the physical petitions.  If you would like to help circulate petitions, please contact us at  The plan is get as many signatures as possible between now and Mar. 19, after which they will be sent on to the bank.

The group is also planning to hold a major protest on March 14 in Duluth (details to be announced), and other actions during the coming weeks.

We urge you to get involved - sign the online petition, forward the link to all of your friends by email and facebook, help us circulate the physical petitions, contact U.S. Bank and ask them to do the right thing, and help us mobilize for our upcoming protests.  While time is short, with enough pressure we can save the Dunbar's home!

A Short Summary of the Dunbar's Situation:
In 2005, Chris and Krystal Dunbar of Superior, Wisconsin purchased a very modest, working class home for their family of three children — a home that had been Chris’s grandparents’. They DID NOT MISS ONE mortgage payment. In 2007, Chris was abruptly laid off. Immediately, they tried to continue making partial payments even from his unemployment checks. U.S. Bank returned their checks. Chris also contacted U.S. Bank for a modification with no success.

U.S. Bank has informed the
Dunbars that they are in foreclosure, and that the Sheriff’s Sale is scheduled for March 27th.

Dunbars are not at fault here! It took Chris over a year to find another job because the local job market had been devastated by the recession caused directly by the greed and criminal fraud of the Big Banks on Wall Street.

The “housing bubble,” “sub-prime loans,” “bundling” and “securitizing” of these risky loans for sale to investors is what created our economic crisis — impacting not just big, wealthy investors, but, more tragically, workers, retirees, and homeowners in our local communities.

Meanwhile, banks are still posting record profits and awarding obscenely-large bonuses to their CEOs. U.S. Bank: you can afford to show some compassion: You reported record profits of $1.273 BILLION in just 3rd QUARTER 2011. You can also afford to improve your Customer Service practices!

U.S. Bank continues to tout slogans as "You spoke, we listened!" "Your Security is Our Responsibility!" "U.S. Bank helps protect you from mortgage fraud." Please, U.S. Bank: live up to your slogans; live up to your responsibilities as a good corporate citizen with a social conscience!


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