Sunday, July 29, 2012

Drop the Charges Against Max Pelofske! Say NO to Gay Bashing in the Northland!

At a party at a gravel pit outside of Proctor, Minnesota, on Memorial Day Weekend, Max Pelofske was assaulted by a group of young men.  Pelofske was asked if he was gay, and upon his affirmative reply, he was attacked. Under Minnesota law, this incident qualifies as a hate crime. However, the County Attorney's Office of St. Louis County has charged Max with fifth degree assault and disorderly conduct for defending himself in the fight with his attackers. Max's friend Kelly Johnson has also been charged with disorderly conduct for attempting to protect him during the assault.

A rally was held in solidarity with Max on May 28 in Proctor that drew over 200 people.  After the County Attorney's office announced it was including Max among those it was charging for the gravel pit fight, another sizable protest was held on July 7, this time on the steps of the Courthouse in Duluth.  But the County Attorney's office is still refusing to drop the charges.

Below is a link to the online petition that Outfront Minnesota has launched, demanding that the charges against Max and Kelly be dropped.  We urge you to sign it, and to circulate it far and wide!

We also urge you to stay tuned to the Northern Worker for future announcements about this case.  


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