Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vote Socialist in 2012!

In the upcoming elections we call on working people to refuse to vote for Obama or Romney. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are bought and paid for by the ruling rich, and are responsible for the economic crisis that we are in. We urge you to instead use your ballot to case a protest vote for socialism. We call on working people to use this election to declare their political independence from the parties of the billionaires, and to instead lay the groundwork for a party of and for working people!

Socialist Action has endorsed and is giving critical support to the presidential candidates of the Socialist Party, the Socialist Workers Party, the Freedom Socialist Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. We urge you to vote for whichever socialist candidate is on the ballot in your state. Since the PSL's candidate for president, Peta Lindsay, will be on the ballot in both Minnesota & Wisconsin, we are posting this video from their campaign.

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