Saturday, February 1, 2014

Our Campaigns

Lake Superior Socialist Action is involved in a variety of local campaigns.  Our preferred method of organizing is to take an issue and build a broad coalition around it.  This way activists, regardless of whether or not they are socialists yet, are able to come together and have a much bigger impact than the left would otherwise.  It gives progressives of different stripes the opportunity to get to know one another, and to see different ideas and approaches put into action.

Below is a list of coalitions we are currently putting most of our energy into.  We urge you to get involved and support these very important initiatives in any way that you can.

Current Local Campaigns:

National Coalitions & Campaigns:
-Grassroots Immigrant Justice Network
-Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
-Alliance for Climate & Class Justice

Other Projects We Are Involved In:

-Solidarity Shelf is a modest free food and clothing shelf that is run off of the front porch of private residence.  It is open 24/7 and is set up so as to be a self-serve food shelf.  With unemployment and low wages becoming a permanent reality in our local economy, it's important for working people to try and help one another stay on their feet.  While we believe in first and foremost demanding that the government provide the necessary social services to help those in need (and to fund it by taxing the rich!), in the meantime, projects such as this, can hopefully be of some use.  The Solidarity Shelf is located at 1506 N. 19th Street in Superior.

-Commie Sporting League is a modest summer sports program that we sometimes run.  The Commie Sporting League has hosted soccer games, hikes in the country, garbage pickups, and other misc. sporting events.  We also participate in the similar Feminist Frolics that are hosted by the Feminist Justice League.

-Marxmas is Lake Superior Socialist Action's annual holiday party.  Being a revolutionary can't be all hard work; we've got to have fun to!  So every winter we get together for a night of costumes, trivia, pinata bashing, food and fun games.  Marxmas usually falls on the first Saturday of January.

-Camp Class Struggle is our annual camp out.  We get together at a rural campsite for games, swimming, a bonfire and just plain old Marxist merriment!  Camp Class Struggle usually takes place in the late summer/early fall, so keep your eyes and ears open for this year's camp announcement!

-The Ollie Kinkonnen Library is a collection of over 2,000 books on Marxist, working class history, social justice and other topics that the comrades of Socialist Action have put together.  It is house in a private resident (Solidarity House, 1506 N. 19th Street, Superior WI).  We have put this library together to be a resource for our comrades, and other activists and community members.  Books can be perused and borrowed by appointment.

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