Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Better World is Possible!

The socialist vision is for a world based on peaceful collaboration and international cooperation of working class people — not the exploiters who rule today.

Socialists call for the common ownership of the world’s resources, with their use and distribution under the democratic control of the world’s peoples.

Socialists strive to create an egalitarian and democratic government, organized and controlled from the bottom up, which facilitates people’s active participation in making decisions about how society is run.

Socialists are for the protection of the world’s ecological systems, and for putting science to work to sustain life, rather than destroy it in the pursuit of profit.

We strive to create a society where human relations are based on respect, equality and dignity of all peoples, not the racism, sexism or homophobia that permeates capitalist society.

-What Is Socialism?
-What Socialist Action Advocates
-How to Make a Revolution 
-How Do Socialists Propose to Win?
-A Working Class Plan of Action to Confront the Economic Crisis 
-Nationalize the Banks Under Workers Control
-For a Shorter Work Week With No Loss in Pay! 
-What Is a General Strike?
-What Kind of Third Party Do We Need? 
-Was Russia Really Socialist?
-Marxism vs. Anarchism
-A Critique of Non-Profits
-The Real Deal About the 'New Deal'
-The Communist Manifesto and Today
-Vanguard Parties
-Black Self-Determination & Socialist Revolution
-The Forging of Oppressed Nationalities in the U.S.
-The Case for Reparations for African-Americans
-Malcolm X's Message for Young People 
-Can Capitalism Liberate Women?
-How Capitalism Uses Gender Oppression to Rule
-A Marxist Analysis of Women's Oppression
-Women & Gender Politics in the Russian Revolution
-We Need a Plan to Forestall Climate Disaster 
-Socialist Program for Forestalling Climate Disaster
-The Relevance of the Russian Revolution Today (Part 1) 
-The Relevance of the Russian Revolution Today (Part 2)
-A Look Back at the 1871 Paris Commune
-Remembering Eugene Debs
-The Rebel Girl: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
-Leon Trotsky: Revolutionary Fighter
-Lessons From the Vietnam Anti-War Movement & the Role Socialists Played 
-A Marxist Analysis of Cuba

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