Wednesday, November 19, 2014

UWS Shamefully Fires its Custodians & Grounds Worker

The UWS administration announced today that is laying off all of its custodian and grounds crew, and replacing them with non-union contractors.  Their claim is that they need to cut costs, so naturally they decided to go after the lowest paid workers on campus.  And adding insult to injury, these are same big shots who voted to give themselves 12% raises.  To these administrators who just destroyed the livelihoods of two dozen hard working men and women, we say rot in hell. To the thousands who participated in our 7 month campaign to save these jobs, a most sincere thank you.  Lets all take this opportunity to re-commit ourselves to the class struggle.  So that next time when we raise the call of "An Injury to One is An Injury to All!" it will be so loud as to bring the down the walls of power and privilege once and for all!

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