Thursday, February 4, 2016


This Saturday, a "men's rights" group, that advocates legalizing rape that takes place on private property, will be likely holding a gathering in Duluth.  The gathering was to be part of an international day of face to face meetings to allow online supporters of this sexist movement to meet one another in real life.  An outpouring of outrage and planned counter-protests though led the organizers to officially cancel the meet ups.  Leaked communications though suggest that this wretched movement is still planning on going ahead with at least some of the meetings, including the one in Duluth.

For that reason, supporters of women's rights and social justice are planning a counter-protest to take place at the same time and place as the pro-rape gathering.  We're titling the event "Take Back the Park!"

The plan is for everyone to gather at 7:45pm at the parking lot of the Duluth Rose garden.  Then, at 8pm we will march to the Leif Erickson Park stage and peacefully occupy the space. Please bring candles and a sign if you can.

This is an important opportunity to take a stand against sexism and rape culture. Join us in making a stand!

Check back here for possible updates about the event.

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