Sunday, January 15, 2017

Working Class Writers, Musicians & Artists of the Northland

Below is a list of progressive and working class artists bloggers, writers, musicians and poets who help make the Northland the culturally exciting place that it is.  This list is a work in progress, so feel free to contact us with your suggestions for who would be a good addition to our list.

This list is our modest way of supporting these wonderful, talented people who have chosen to not only share their creativity with us all, but who also participate in the struggle for social justice.  We salute you!

-Aaron Tank, singer & songwriter
-Adeline Wright, singer & artist
-Allen Killian-Moore, poet, artist & film maker
-Annie Humphrey, signer & songwriter
-Bethany Ebert, author
-Carly Sisney, author & poet
-Charlie Parr, singer & songwriter
-Crew Jones, band
-Cyrus Pireh, musician
-Daniel Oyinloye, artist & storyteller
-Dave Hopkins, musician & artist
-DJ Path Annu, band
-Echoes of Peace choir
-Heather Bradford, author & blogger
-Heidi Howes, singer & songwriter
-Jeb Ebben, musician & blogger
-Jeni Johnson, blogger
-Joel Sipress, musician
-John Iversen, singer
-Justin Anderson, artist & musician
-Kat Mandeville, author & poet
-Lucas Dietsche, author & poet
-Marcelle Jordan, poet & musician
-Mike Rogge, short story writer
-Rachael Kilgour, singer & songwriter
-Rick Kurki, musician & artist
-Rick Penn, blogger
-Sandra Gbeintor, spoken word artist
-Sara Thomsen, singer & songwriter
-Steve Carlson, singer & songwriter
-Terrence Smith, dancer & musician

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