Saturday, June 17, 2017

Protesters Tell ‘Anti-Sharia’ Marches: ‘Muslims ARE Welcome Here’

On Saturday, June 10, the Islamophobic group ACT (American Congress for Truth) for America held “Marches Against Sharia” in over two dozen cities across the United States. Emboldened by President Donald Trump and his strong anti-Muslim rhetoric, the group that the Southern Poverty Law Center considers one of the top hate groups in the U.S. decided to organize a show of force.

In some places, far-right groups such as the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers “guarded” the rallies. Some demonstrators held banners with pro-Trump and anti-immigration slogans.

But in almost every city, the numbers of right-wingers were dwarfed by allies and friends of the Muslim community who came out to say: “No hate, no fear. Muslims are welcome here.” In a few areas there were as many as 10 times as many present to show support for the Muslim community as those who came to denounce Islam, under the pretence that Sharia law poses a threat to “American democracy.”

In the Twin Cities, about 30 terrified bullies gathered in the Capitol Rotunda while over 400 people rallied on the Capitol steps in near hundred-degree heat. Facebook posts beforehand assured the bullies that they had a private parking lot and plenty of security to get them inside safely. The attendees were also encouraged to come “armed and ready.”

Meanwhile, outside in the sun, counter-demonstrators heard from speakers who explained what Sharia law really says—something the people inside the Capitol certainly did not learn. An anti-Zionist Jew relayed some of the requirements of Talmudic law for comparison.

While the anti-Sharia fanatics imagine a country living under Biblical law, all of the Abrahamic religions contain elements from times long past that would not translate well into the present day. While condoning slavery, for example, the Bible condemns to death anyone who touches the skin of a pig. Remember that the next time you watch a football game.

While Socialist Action does not believe it is accurate to label these bigots “fascists,” we do recognize the growing threat to communities of color and non-Christians (especially Muslims) posed by the empowering of haters who believe their increasingly violent assaults are sanctioned by God and the U.S. administration currently in power. We stand together against this rising tide of ignorant hatred and say: “No to bigotry. Yes to freedom of religion. We stand with our Muslim neighbors.”

>> The article above was written by Karen Schraufnagel.

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Anonymous said...

A phobia is an irrational fear. Keyword irrational. If your new kitten or your little toy dog has a concern about the strategic positioning of a fox out in the backyard is that irrational? Meanwhile, as your kitten keeps a close watch another fox is closing in from behind.

Calling a persons very legitimate and logical concerns about Islam a phobia constitutes verbal abuse. It's manipulation and it is of itself irrational. Thus, it is proof that liberalism is a mental disorder. Unless of course you're doing it on purpose to be subversive in which case you need to leave the country.

Why do Marxists pretend that there is room for the framework of Islam within their imaginary utopian society? Marxists want a society with NO religion. The complete absence of religion is part of the Marxist dream. How is that going to play out between communists and Islam?

So since when did communists become bastions of religious tolerance and freedom?

Islam is a political system first and a religion second. Like communism, Islam seeks world domination. Another commonality is totalitarianism. Islam was already stopped once before from taking over the world. It was called the crusades, maybe you've heard of it.

Today you finally learn that fascism is a left-wing ideology. This is why Islam leans towards Marxism or at least economically because of the totalitarianism and centralization of power.

So go ahead liberals. Go ahead and sharpen the knives of your enemies with your political correctness. When the peaceful Muslims come to terms with their faith, the only way to absolve themselves will be to kill you. In Islam that is the only guaranteed way to get into heaven (keyword guaranteed).

So, as you see - Liberalism truly is a mental disorder. Do your daily deed and thank a straight white male today.