Sunday, June 11, 2017

Standing up for Choice in Duluth!

Saturday, June 10 witnessed dueling events at the Duluth Building for Women. A reactionary group called "Pro-Life Ministries" called a protest called "Words for Life". In response activists from the HOTDISH Militia and other local pro-choice groups decided to hold a counter-event called "Words for Healthcare." The theme of the counter-event, was not only pro-choice, but called for the protection and expansion of healthcare programs.

The anti-choice event consisted of a small handful standing on the corning reading religious texts. The pro-choice event, on the other hand, was a lively protest with a festival like atmosphere. Taking place on the plaza in front of the main entrance to the Building for Women, it had tables with food, postcards for people to send their legislators, side walk chalking, a bubble making machine, music and a picket line with pro-woman/pro-choice signs. About 20 people participated in our event, including people who were drawn in while just walking by.  What a powerful and wonderful response to the anti-choice event!

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