Sunday, December 3, 2017

UWS Fundraiser Protested Over Program Cuts

Two dozen spirited students, faculty, alumni and community members braved the cold on the evening of Dec. 2 to protest in front of the UWS Yellowjacket Union. The protest was held outside of the glitzy Chancellor’s Ball fundraiser to show our outrage at the devastating academic program cuts that were announced on the morning of Halloween. Protesters wore costumes to symbolically reclaim the Halloween that was ruined by the announced cuts. They handed fundraiser attendees candy with the following message printed on them: “Thank you for supporting UWS students! Please ask Chancellor Wachter to reconsider the program suspensions at UWS. More choices for students, not fewer, is what makes UWS great.” 

The response from those attending the fundraiser was overwhelming supportive, demonstrating yet again how deeply opposed our community is to the gutting of our University. The action closed with a rousing chant of “We’ll Be Back, We’ll Be Back!” And rest assured we will be - again and again – until these draconian cuts are consigned to the dust bin of history!

>> The article above was written by Adam Ritscher. 

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Anonymous said...

How about less college students and more plumbers? I think socialists can relate to that right? Cuts are totally warranted. You know what else is totally warranted? Extreme vetting of college professors to prevent anti-americans from entering a public institution. You want to teach communism? Then start your own private college that teaches Marxism.